Karl Benz: A Biography of the Inventor of the Fuel Powered Engine

Autopartes en Los Reyes, Coyoacan, Ciudad de Mexico, Distrito Federal karl benzWe all know the name Benz, as associated with the car brand Mercedes-Benz. But do you know Karl Benz, the starter of it all? Automotive invention has been going around for several years before Benz started working on his own, but his contribution to automotive history was one of the greatest – he invented the first fuel-powered car. Although the first modern car was made by Henry Ford, Benz’s concept of gasoline power was still the foundation of all future automotives, until today.

Autopartes en Los Reyes, Coyoacan, Ciudad de Mexico, Distrito Federal Benz started off as a very poor boy with his father a locomotive driver and engineer. He finished schooling through the struggle of his mother, and after he graduated mechanical engineering, he wandered to different industries and tried to find the one that he fits in best. He was inclined to follow his father’s footsteps as an engineer, and he took the idea of a horseless carriage as he was riding a bicycle.

After hopping over to many different companies, Benz ended up in a bicycle company where he succeeded in the business. This success allowed him to fund for his inventive mind, and he developed the very first horseless carriage, as he had imagined it. It ran on gasoline power, had three bicycle wheels, and the seat looked very much like a carriage. He patented this design under his name.

The succeeding events were history: Karl Benz has made the biggest leap of modern automotive creation through his invention.